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When and Why you should get an A/C and Heat Check-up?

Spring and Fall are the ideal times to schedule your Air Conditioning and Heat Check-up. It is important to get these inspections done before you turn on your system for the first time that season. If your check-up is scheduled for spring and fall, you’ll also beat the long wait and higher prices that come with peak season HVAC repair visits. These inspections are required per your equipment manufacturer.

Early A/C maintenance can prevent small problems from becoming big and costly problems later. For example, repairing a small refrigerant leak would not cost much on the scale of things, but if this leak goes unchecked; consequentially, you could pay out a large sum for a new compressor after the frequently low refrigerant levels have burnt out your current compressor. Essentially, an HVAC system running well uses less energy to cool or heat your house and lower energy use means bigger savings for you on your monthly utility bill.


What is included in Abundant’s Heat check-up?

Furnace 16 pt.


  • Heat exchanger for cracks and rust.
  • Check for Carbon monoxide
  • Check for Gas leaks
  • Check Igniter or pilot assembly
  • Check Transformer
  • Check Circuit board
  • Check Draft induced motor
  • Check Gas valve
  • Check Pressure switches
  • Check Safety limit switches
  • Check Blower wheel and motor
  • Check Filter(s)
  • Check Vent stack
  • Check Gas line
  • Check Gas stop
  • Check Thermostat
Heat Pump: 21 pt.


  • Check Condenser motor
  • Check Compressor
  • Check Contactor
  • Check Capacitor
  • Check Defrost Board
  • Check Reversing valve solenoid
  • Check Reversing valve
  • Check Pressure switches
  • Check Condenser coil
  • Check Freon level
  • Check Emergency heat
  • Check Thermostat
  • Check Fan blades
  • Check Evaporator coil
  • Check Emergency drain pan
  • Check Time delay relay board
  • Check Transformer
  • Check Evaporator motor
  • Check Blower wheel
  • Check drains
  • Check Filter(s)–Replaced at no extra fee, not supplied

What is included in our A/C Check-up?

15 pt.

  • Check for proper refrigerant levels (Freon)
  • Check Evaporator Coils
  • Check Condenser Coils
  • Oil motors as needed.
  • Calibrate thermostat to make sure your A/C isn’t working overtime
  • Check the condenser for any possible problems
  • Check Filters
  • Check all electrical components and controls to make sure they’re working properly
  • Check Amp draw and temperature on Transformers
  • Check blower motor and blower wheel
  • Check circuit board for burns
  • Check amp draw on compressor and fan motors
  • Check duct work and Ventilation
  • Check drain Lines (primary and secondary)
  • Check Condensate pumps if applicable

We Are Here To Serve You

Our certified HVAC technicians stand behind their work. We will assist you in the planning, installation and modernization of your climate control system, providing energy efficiency tips whenever possible.

Here are just a few examples of the services we provide:

  • Maintenance
  • A/C and heat Check-ups
  • HVAC Repairs
  • New and used system installation and replacement
  • Insulation including and not limited to “Radiant Barrier”
  • Cleaning Condenser Coils
  • Ventilation

To learn more about what we offer or discuss your climate control needs, please email us.

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